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Pure love is like the drop of a feather...

The Quiet Flutter of Black Wings

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黒羽 静靡
8 June
about me
name: shizumi
gender: female
age: 21
birthday: june 8th
blood type: b+
hobbies: writing, drawing, reading, cosplaying, watching anime, reading manga
life: college student, author/illustrator to be, otaku, cosplayer

I chase rainbows
And wish on airplanes.
I wish I could be sunshine
And touch people with warmth.
I wish I could sprout wings
And fly to wherever you are.

other stuff
my website
my fiction & fanfiction
my drawings, photos, ect.
my cosplay
my facebook fanpage
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cosplay aspirations
upcoming events
commission information
rp characters

{ wear }

{ wear }

I am the_fucking Yuuen (Wild Rock) of LiveJournal.

{ Emba caught a falling star for me. }

Admin/Mod for maxmaximum_tk.

Admin/Mod for #TakashimaKazusaFans on deviantArt.

My Hetalia Family

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